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Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Wishlist

Halloween is coming, and I'm pretty sure we all have a Halloween Wishlist!  Here is my Halloween Wishlist:

Body Candy Handcrafted Pumpkin Jackolantern Halloween Earrings:

These Halloween earrings come at £9.99, but are well worth the money in my opinion!  These are handcrafted.  They are great earrings for Halloween, they look lovely and perfect for the occasion, Halloween!

Set of 6 Black & Orange Halloween Battery LED Tea Light Candles by Lights4fun:

These are great lights!  They are good for Halloween parties because they are LED, nothing bad can happen with these lights, no one will be on fire basically!  They look really nice and you don't even have to use them for Halloween.

Lindt Lindor Halloween Edition Truffles and Pumpkin Tea Light Holder with Orange and Dark Truffles - By Moreton Gifts:

This is more than perfect!  I personally love anything Lindt - Lindor, so I wouldn't mind having these!  You get a really cute pumpkin tea light holder with truffles in too. (And btw the lindt-lindor are a special Halloween edition!!!)  This is by far my favourite thing on my wishlist!

Snazaroo Special FX Gel Blood, Dark Blood Gel Special Effect, 50 ml:

Halloween isn't Halloween without fake blood!  Fake blood is a brilliant invention.  You can do so much with it, and again you don't just have to use it for Halloween!  Also Snazaroo are a great company and all the products are top notch!

Leave a comment below telling me your favourite item on my Halloween Wishlist.


  1. Love those candles - didn't realise they were battery operated when I first looked at the photo. So much safer and still look really effective :-)

    1. They're so good at keeping everyone safe and still looking fab! x


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