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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Newborn girl photography ideas and tips

Having a baby is incredible, the thought of bringing a new life into the world, well it's amazing really, isn't it?
There's nothing better than having gorgeous photo of the little one while they are a baby, so you can look back and see how much they have changed.  When you have a photo of your little one you want it to be the absolute best, so I have come up with some ideas for your little baby girl!

This photo, by Anastasia's Photography, is stunning!  What I love about it most is the colour of the flower, it makes the whole picture more cute.  One of my top tips when taking a newborn photo of a girl is...add a headband with a flower!  It shows the baby is a girl, not just that, it makes your girl look so little, delicate and pretty.

The reason why I like this photograph by Julie Kulbago Photography so much is because it's so simple.  Nothing too colourful or too dull.  The pink is a perfect pink, just enough to show it's a girl and the headband is just perfect.  The headband colour goes perfectly with the rest of the photo.  Another one of my top tips is to position the baby just right.  You don't want the baby to be in an uncomfortable position, so make it just right and beautiful, like with this photo, beautiful, just beautiful.

This photo by Ki'i Nani Photography is lovely because it's peaceful and shows very nicely that the baby is a girl.  
So here we go for my last tip...add a tutu if you can.  I wouldn't say this is a top tip because sometimes the photo is better without it, but on this photo, well, the photo wouldn't be half as good without it!  Again, the pink is a perfect tone and there are no other colours to overwhelm the picture.  It makes the photo just perfect.

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